How It Works

No complicated workflows

Getting up and running is as easy as creating an account, connecting service providers, and clicking deploy. From there you can invite team members and monitor servers.

1. Create an app

Connect your cloud provider, select a region and use Mowa to create an app.

2. Create servers

Select a template for your application and we will suggest a cluster configuration, or build your own.

For multi-server clusters, we take care of setting up firewall rules, load balancers, databases, and everything else you need for your servers to talk to each other securely.

Deploy your application

3. Deploy your app

Connect your source code provider and choose a repository to deploy to your newly provisioned app.

Each service like web servers, sidekiq, and cron will be installed and run on the appropriate server in the cluster and you can change the server layout at any time.

Enjoy and configure

4. Enjoy and configure

Your app is live! Now you can add features like adding backups, domains, SSL, or deploying another app to your cluster.

Inviting additional users is always free.

5. Invite team members

Invite your whole team, allow them to manage servers, monitor deploy and update encrypted server keys.

We are almost there!

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